·  DESIGN and build high speed progressive stamping die,

  • FABRICATION of carbide and steel high precision spares,
    • STAMPING of leadframe and connector products.

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Company Profile ...


Established in 1985 and with more than 38 years of experience in this demanding high precision electronics industry, it is a great challenge to our company till today.

With this experience, we realise that in this business our customers not only require quality products, speed, competitive pricing but also more products and services.

One of the company's visions is to meet our customers demand and requirement. To further improve on our quality and leadtime on our carbide and steel spares for high speed stamping dies and mould, we have been investing on all our machineries with CNC capabilities like profile grinding, wirecut, EDM, Jig grinding etc.

In 1993, we branched into high speed precision stamping for the connector industry. With this experience we continue to move into the area to provide precision stamping service for the leadframe industry.

During this period, we also develope our capability in designing of high speed progressive stamping dies for connector and leadframe industry. So far, we have designed and built numerous such dies for our customers as well as for own inhouse consumption.

In Year 2020, we also looking into branching into a new sector. This new sector in the oil, gas, energy and marine industry. It open up opportunity for us to use our skill and knowledge in doing precision machining for this industry sector.

We are here to serve you, so do contact us for any of your requirements.